Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Nature's Ways" script/story/narration

Royal Pain:  the love-starved Princess Tiberia (played by Lauren Hearter)

The "Nature's Ways" fairy tale short film is narrated by a British male voice.  As though you're listening to a Charles Dickens audio book or an old record.  Music (synthpop and classical) will accompany the film along with very particular, very specific, sound effects at certain moments (for example: the sound of a dinner gong in one scene, some clashing of swords in another scene, you get the idea).

The actors in the film are seen speaking to each other but, like the reading of a typical fairy tale, we hear the voice of the narrator speaking for them at key moments.  The action onscreen will be reminiscent of a silent film in certain respects.  We see the actors moving and talking throughout their drama but we don't actually hear them.

Again, the story is being told to us by a British narrator.  From a production standpoint, this makes things easier because we don't need to worry about recording sound and dialogue during the shooting process.  All sound recording/addition and music inclusion will be taking place afterward.  The fact that we're being told the story, having it spoon-fed to us in a certain respect, creates a sense of childish ease and timelessness while watching the drama unfold.  This is how I want "Nature's Ways" to be:  an extremely easy watch and something of a guilty pleasure.  It's designed for repeat viewings in the way that we can read/experience "Snow White", "The Three Little Pigs", "Goldilocks", etc. over and over again like favorite songs.  We know how the story goes, we know how it ends, but there's an addictive quality to it.  Simple, fun, delicious--let's do it again!

But this is still an edgy, creepy, PG-13 kind of film meant for adults and teenagers.  That becomes really clear within the first few minutes.  That vibe is established from the get-go.

The film is "disco-medieval".  Cars, cell phones, cameras, swords, skyscrapers, towers, crowns, jewels, gowns, drugs, ruined cathedrals, magic recipe scrolls.  Lots of gold and, also, some scary creatures.  It's 1987, 2017, and 1407 all at the same time.  Postmodern.  I'll be watching "The Wiz", "Xanadu", John Waters, and John Hughes films a lot while we're shooting this.

The film will probably end up being around 12 or 15 minutes long.  Fast-paced.

Here is the story that we're told for "Nature's Ways".  Feel free to read it out loud while doing your best "Masterpiece Theatre" host impersonation (or the "Little Britain" host for that matter)......

[NOTE:  I'm stilling working on the end section of the story.  Give me a couple of days, please.]


Once Upon A Time, King Mercatroy ruled a kingdom.

Because the history of this kingdom is so complicated, I don't quite know if it was 7 centuries ago, 7 decades ago, or 7 days ago but it's in the books that King Mercatroy was one of the most prosperous and powerful monarchs to ever wear a crown.

Although he reigned over countless castles and innumerable stretches of land, what he valued most were the two virtuous ladies closest to his heart:

His loyal wife, Her Royal Highness, Queen Moduli.....

.....and their daughter, the majestic, the imperial, High Princess Tiberia.  Or, as she was known throughout the kingdom, "Little Tibby".

Little Tibby was coming of age.

While many of her peers were trying on wedding gowns, Tibby was kept occupied with other, less serious, endeavors.  She always did her best to follow her parents' orders but, yet, there were times when she wondered when she would be allowed to put paint on her face......or to mist herself with her mother's perfume.....or to adorn herself with the kinds of embellishments that would attract admiring glances.

The clocks ticked.  The lonely hours became weeks.  The weeks became months.  And the months turned into solitary years.

The King and Queen lovingly provided their sweet princess with every luxury imaginable and, of course, Tibby was given company by the royal household.  Yet, in her private hours, the princess longed for a different sort of companionship.

The past had not always been kind to King Mercatroy and Queen Moduli.  They thanked The Gods for the peace and wealth that their kingdom was now enjoying but they still wore the scars given to them by invading enemies--fierce and cruel villains from the foulest corners of the earth that the royal pair had defeated long ago.  Mercatroy still suffered from night terrors.  And Moduli used a dark paste to hide white hairs gifted to her from traumas long past.  She had done so since the age of 22.  The kingdom had not been easily won.

The King and Queen wished for Princess Tibby to retain her blushing innocence, to luxuriate in a sort of prolonged bubble of youth, the kind of which they themselves had not been able to enjoy.

Every month, the neighboring kingdoms sent names and portraits of available, worthy suitors for Little Tibby but King Mercatroy was exceedingly difficult to please.

The princes were always "too ugly" or "too handsome".  "Too fat" or "too thin".  Other ones were "too stupid" or "too weak".  The rest were simply "too ordinary".

If he were to give the hand of the princess to any of these men, who would protect her in this dangerous land?  Certainly not any of them.  No, no.  The princess was certainly better off at home, under her father's protection.  The King had no interest in marrying his daughter off to any of these buffoons.

Mercatroy was much happier thinking about his power and good fortune.  The wars had ended many years ago but the king demanded frequent reminders that he was, indeed, the mightiest of all rulers.  It was not uncommon for him to require displays of combative prowess to be performed by the very best knights the treasury could afford.  He no longer needed to swing swords with his own hands but it pleased him knowing that he had the very best trained assassins and the most ruthless mercenaries at his disposal.

The King's most fearsome enemies had already been annihilated but there were still a few isolated creeps lurking about from time to time, hoping to bring a bloody finish to Mercatroy's reign.  In the end, The King always managed to eliminate these pests in one fashion or another but their lingering threats gave him pause.  Nothing could be taken for granted.  Nothing was guaranteed to remain perpetually.  No castle was impenetrable, no king's flesh was made of steel.  King Mercatroy was a man of constant worry and he felt comfort in often sequestering his family in a chamber beneath his favorite palace where they would oversee the knights in practice, make decrees to the kingdom, and separate his familial treasures from the threats of the world above.

Princess Tibby was pleased to view her father's knights for other reasons.  She understood her father's need to reinforce his own sense of iron-clad security but the princess felt that the spectacle of the knights' practices held a different kind of value as well.  The efforts of these brave individuals were certainly not lost on her since Tibby was gaining a deep appreciation for displays of combat.

The "clang!" and "bang!" of the knights' sport echoed within the underground chamber while the forlorn girl admired the skills, brute force, and craftsmanship flashing in front of her eyes.

"Hail, Hail to the kingdom of my father!" thought Princess Tibby.  "Hail to these glorious protectors!  Such riches!  Such bounty!"

The princess wondered when she would acquire a knight of her very own.

"The sooner, the better," thought the royal servants.  "May His Royal Highness find a suitable consort for Our Young Lady.  And with haste, please."

But the king was in no rush.  Things were perfectly fine as they were in his opinion.  But for the princess, life was becoming unbearable.

Mercatroy's kingdom, like all kingdoms, had it's fair share of scallawags and sneaky businesses.

Through one of the palace bakers, Little Tibby was connected to a merchant who supplied her with intoxicating substances, forbidden capsules, magic powders, and false identification cards.  No one noticed tiny bits of royal treasury vanishing because of Tibby's purchases.  "Don't worry, it's all just a bit of harmless fun for you, your Highness.  Live a little," the merchant told the princess.

In her desperation, Tibby began sneaking out of the palace in the dead of night, brilliantly disguised as a lowly and anonymous peasant girl.  She enjoyed pretending to be one of the common folk:  making jolly, participating in vulgar merriment, jigging like a wench, and sampling the nourishment of the serfs.  Although she hoped that some handsome cavalier would appear for her on a white steed, the princess--for whatever reason--would always return to the palace before sunrise, with limited experiences and no one to accompany her.  Even in her recklessness and foul moods, Little Tibby was careful that her nocturnal explorations remained in secret.  Or as secretive as possible.

Inevitably, more long, pure days came and went......followed by moon-lit amusements.  Back and forth, over and over.  But one thing remained the same:  The princess was alone.  Constantly alone.

After much drinking of ale and snorting of enchanted dust, Tibby realized that things would have to change.

How would she ever acquire a prince when her powerful father refused all marriage offers?

Perhaps she would have to find a knight to serve or maybe a squire to serve her?  How about a stable boy to hide beneath her bed?  Or another princess if thoughts steered her in that direction?  Or even a mad, old monk that no one had any use for?




After this moment of deepest despair, a glimmer of hope finally materialized.  A figure appeared in the lamplight:  a woman selling parchments and handmade scrolls.

"Would you like to buy some knowledge this evening, my lady?" inquired the Scroll Maker.

"No thank you.  We have enough scrolls in the palace library already," answered the princess.

"Perhaps you have room for more?" asked the woman with a twinkle in her eye.

It was then that Tibby realized that she had read every scroll in the palace library and that she could probably use some fresh reading material.

to be continued.....(I'm working on it, folks)......

Friday, July 18, 2014

First World Problems

Homeschooled:  Tea time is no longer fun for Princess Tibby (Lauren Hearter).

Here's the first still from our new short film, "Nature's Ways".  It's about a princess in a disco-medieval country whose father won't let her grow up so she is forced to take matters into her own hands.

Lauren Hearter plays Princess Tiberia (also known as "Little Tibby" throughout the kingdom).  In this still, we see that Princess Tibby is not enjoying another lonely Sunday afternoon with her "friends".  She needs to get out of the palace in my opinion.  The sooner, the better.

"Nature's Ways" is a really strange comedy film that plays out like a twisted fairy tale, which it is.  It's a project within our Vault Projections series which is a collection of films that I'm doing that are all based on myths and literature (basically "Masterpiece Theatre" for weirdos, stoners, and art geeks).  As bizarre as the story in "Nature's Ways" is, it is in fact based on an old Armenian folk tale.  We started shooting it on the 4th of July 2014.  We're shooting it in chunks, bits, and pieces over the coming months.  It's going to be a while but we've already shot a (surprising) number of scenes and I'm loving it so far.  The cast and crew are wonderful and we're having a great time.  I'm very, very happy with the footage that we've shot (we're aiming for intelligent, colorful, guilty pleasure, cult film trash).  I'll post more stills soon and the script/narration is coming up.

Featured Project

The featured project for this month is our short documentary, "Buckles and Bread Bowls:  a Renaissance Faire in North America".

Read about the film and watch it by going to THIS PAGE.

stills from a cancelled film ("Secretly Crazy")

I'm doing some bits and pieces for upcoming projects and I just stumbled across stills from rehearsal footage that we shot last year for a cancelled film project that I was going to do.  It was a feature-length dark comedy, titled "Secretly Crazy", about a teenage drug dealer who gets sent to a sinister Scared Straight type of program.  Chaos, creepiness, and murders ensue.  The main character, Connie, was basically a really hard, grouchy Nancy Drew sort of archetype (or imagine Veronica Mars as a lower middle class, cynical, greedy, bisexual bitch who beats people up--you get the idea).  The concept was fun but I was concerned that it was just going to be too much like "Annie" (in some ways....) but with a lot of swearing and some gore.

I was worried that the story wasn't going to be funny or interesting enough to merit another long, drawn-out, time/energy/money-sucking major project in my life.  I wasn't sure if people, even a small indie audience, would enjoy it. The dialogue was pretty good, I thought, but the overall storyline.....?  Uh, I don't know.  I hate diving into projects and then just cancelling them because that's weak; I'm one of those guys that has little respect for indecisive people so I hate seeing that kind of behavior in myself.

The actors who were cast were terrific in their roles but I felt that the story that was written here wasn't beefy enough and that's the writer/director's fault (mine).

It's possible that the valuable elements that I do like from "Secretly Crazy" will be absorbed into other film projects (specific, little plot hooks, some good lines, some good character aspects) but, no, "Secretly Crazy" as a film isn't going to materialize.

I'm not going to upload footage snippets from "Secretly Crazy" (that would make me kind of melancholic--we did have a good time shooting the rehearsal footage but I'm still kind of mad at myself for launching and then abandoning a project) but I do feel comfortable posting some photos on this page and then finally shutting the door for good on this film.

Special Thanks to Victoria, Lauren, Michael, Brian, etc. for participating.  Everyone will be working together on current projects and, hopefully, on other films down the line.

Friday, May 2, 2014

"Nature's Way" fairy tale short film preproduction

Coming up this year, we'll be doing a postmodern adaptation of an old fairy tale (a really bizarre one) called "Nature's Way".

This page will link you to everything you need to know, from the basic concept to the inspiration board to the upcoming script and outline.

So far, check out the concept behind this project and feast your eyes on the inspiration board.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Nature's Way" (fairy tale short film) inspirations

"Nature's Way" does not take place in the Renaissance era.  It does not take place in the Victorian era nor does it take place in the 1970's, 1980's, the early 1990's, nor does it take place right now in 2014.


It takes place in it's own dimension which is the Renaissance and the Victorian era and the final decades of the 20th century--all at once!  It's postmodern.

Maybe it takes place in the future after some terrible calamity which has jumbled culture into a messy, sequined stew?  (sure, sure, I guess that anything's possible....)

Whatever the case may be, the "Nature's Way" fairy tale short film is disco-medieval.  It just is.  And it will all make sense (....?.....) in it's finished incarnation.

I have it figured out.  You'll get it.  You'll understand it.

The king wears a crown, travels in a limo, uses a cell phone, and has sword-wielding bodyguards/secret service agents.

The kingdom has newspapers, quill pens, skyscrapers, dance clubs, hospitals for injured "unique" creatures (griffins, sphinxes), cameras, and enchanted scrolls.  So there you have it.

This is going to be the indulgent 80's teen movie/coming-of-age film that I've always wanted to find the excuse to make.....except, you know, this one involves magic spells, sword fights, and bizarre masks and stuff like that (of course).

I want people to love this film.  I want them to really enjoy it and I want them to watch it.  And I also, through all the glitter and shine, want them to get a sly, genuine message--via metaphor--about individual empowerment/the necessity of breaking rules/sexuality/shattering tradition when need be/facing reality.  Because, as they say, that's Nature's Way.  That's when life and happiness are most effective.

"Nature's Way" is meant to be a party film, a cult film, a guilty pleasure, and a WTF.

Here are some things that are inspiring me for this project:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Nature's Way" (fairy tale short film) concept

I love cruising around the internet, looking up ancient, bizarre stuff.  Sometimes for inspiration, sometimes just out of basic curiosity (because I'm a history dork, etc.).

One night (at probably 3 or 4 in the morning), I stumbled across some very old, very strange European folktale called "Nature's Way".  This is pretty much it:

Once upon a time, a king denied his daughter the hand of any suitor.  He wanted her to stay occupied with innocent, girlish things (cooking, sewing, princessing) but, yet, the princess longed for a companion.  Because her father kept her away from the world of men, the princess resorted to a most unusual solution:  she cooked herself up a guy made of dough, popped him in the oven, and baked him into being a real man just for her.  The king had no choice but to accept his maturing daughter and her new consort.  The princess was now a woman and it's simply nature's way.  The end.

So crossbreed Frankenstein's Monster with the Gingerbread Man and you have the right idea.


That's a delightful and creepy story.  Most people wouldn't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole.  It's magical and disturbing and has no real commercial potential because it's too sweet/too icky and neither here nor there; definitely not for kids nor is it really for adults.  A folktale about lust, repression, rebellion, and enchanted, sexy baked goods.  It gives off a weird, uncomfortable vibe.

Of course, I thought that this would make a perfect Addovolt film project.  I had to do it so I wrote it down in my Ideas For Films book (yes, I actually have one; it's a red spiral notebook).

Our film adaptation of this story is going to be postmodern.  I'm calling it "disco-medieval", actually.  Princess cone hats, kings with crowns (and sunglasses and cigars), gold lame, cocaine, magic scrolls/recipe sheets, giant buildings, cars, phones, swords, patent leather opera gloves, Peggy Sue glasses, kinky cooking classes, a bit of hocus-pocus, and roller skates.

A British narrator, smoothly guiding us through it.  This is an easy watch, an enjoyable scoop of mind candy for the viewer.

Synthpop.  Classical music, too.

Let's make something that is confidant in its inspirations but is, also,  really different.

We can do this.

5 or so days of shooting.  5 busy days, sure, but not 3 weeks.  That will be fine; that's not asking for much.

I have Chicago (sky scrapers, towers, gilded hotels, pent houses), an amazing group of actors who can do this almost too easily, some great costumes, some fright makeup.  I'll expand the story while keeping that sparse/quick narrative foundation completely intact (I wouldn't want to mess with it--it's too perfect).

This is going to be a fun short film to watch.  12 minutes of pleasure.  This is going to be a happy and bubbly film but it's also going to be deeply creepy.

Garish colors, odd textures, queasy and uneasy.

I'm inspired by some old favorites which I'll list soon.

Change of Plans

Well, it wouldn't be the first time that an independent film company has used that phrase.

I've cancelled a project that I'd planned on doing in 2014.  This project was titled "Secretly Crazy" and it was going to be a dark comedy feature film.  I must have been secretly crazy to think that there would be any way to make this happen, schedule-wise, between a grad program that I'm entrenched in and regular gigs.

The main problem is scheduling.  We (myself and the actors previously attached) don't have the time right now to tackle this.  Thinking that we would have the time to do this (and to make it the way that we wanted to and make it entertaining to watch.....) was a bit delusional.  My fault.  Bit off more than I could chew at this moment.

Also, I wasn't in love with the story.  I thought that it was a fun idea and it could have turned out interesting, I suppose, but it was a lot like "Annie" (as in Little Orphan) but with murder, aliens, a bunch of drugs, and a lot of swearing.  I think that it would have found a small, little audience (by small I mean small....) but whatever issues I had with the story would have been smashed by time problems.  The scheduling needs of "Secretly Crazy" basically wiped out the entire project in one big swoop.  We can't pull this off right now, I had to be honest with myself and with my actors about this.

So, damn.  There goes "Secretly Crazy".  Mission aborted.

Instead, in 2014, we'll be doing some new music videos with The Baby Magic (indie music videos take a few days to shoot as opposed to weeks and weeks), releasing a short film around Christmas called "The 21st", and......and.....there's a very elaborate short film coming up (that's doable, scheduling-wise) based on an old European folktale.  This new short film, called "Nature's Way", will be part of the Vault Projections series and it will be replacing "Secretly Crazy" as our major project for 2014.  There are certain tonal ques and inspirations that "Nature's Way" shares with the cancelled project--for some reason, I have a need right now to tell a peppy, druggy, surreal, 80's/early 90's-flavored coming-of-age story (probably because I'm getting old.....)--but I feel that this concept is a lot stronger and will be more fun to watch.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"moments from Chances Dances: Summoning A New Queer Reality (MCA, 12-06-13)" documentary footage

I had the pleasure of doing some videography for a Chances Dances event recently--to document some of the fun.

Watch "moments from Chances Dances:  Summoning A New Queer Reality (MCA, 12-06-13)" right HERE.

Extended footage of performances by Mister Junior and Darling Shear can be seen HERE and HERE, respectively.

"moments from Chances Dances:  Summoning A New Queer Reality (MCA, 12-06-13)" footage shot and edited by Derek Quint.

Very Special Thanks to Mister Junior, Latham Zearfoss, Kiam Marcelo Junio, Darling Shear, MCA, and Chances Dances.

It was a very nice, very inspired group of people creating beautiful and meaningful performances, images, and memories in a dance party setting at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.  I showed up with my camera, pushed the record button, and did my best to capture the magic.

The footage turned out great:  gorgeous performances, people, music, and art.

The "moments from Chances Dances:  Summoning A New Queer Reality (MCA, 12-06-13)" footage is done in a classic documentary style but given a surreal, flowing twist in which beats, voices, and melodies from within the party dominate the audio while visual sequences politely tumble over each other, creating a loose narrative.  My editing ques were inspired by the documentaries "Paris Is Burning" (1990) and "La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet" (2009) and, also, the casual, gritty, early films by Andy Warhol such as "The Chelsea Girls" (1966) and "Empire" (1964).

This turned out to be a terrific, enjoyable project that emerged from out-of-the-blue for me (thanks, Mister Junior!); a perfect way to end the year.

Chances Dances:  Summoning A New Queer Reality

December 6th, 2013 presented with Event Creative

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

The MCA presented a night of dancing, performance, and radical potential, cocurated by Chances Dances, a queer dance party and collective dedicated to building safer spaces for the varied LGBTIQ communities in Chicago through collectively shared moments of pleasure, inquiry, and resistance.

All Chances parties recognize the power of consent, welcome all gender expressions, and feature gender-neutral bathrooms.

Experiences for that evening included:

Claire Arctander, Cake Ritual with Robert Smithson
an edible sculpture based on a work by Smithson, who inspired many artists in The Way of the Shovel exhibition.  At the end of the night, Arctander served pieces of cake.

B!TCH3Z Drinking Project, Premium Optionz
B!TCH3Z, the conceptual post-bar drinking project for tomorrow's neosexualle, offered up non-alcoholic body shots.

Myles Cooper, Tuscany
In this video work, Cooper explores the faux-architectural forms of a Tuscan-style casino in Reno, Nevada, in relation to the artist's generated sculptures made of hotel towels, buffet leftovers, and various hotel freebies.

Nicole Garneau, Deer Remedies #1
A video document in which the artist explores the boundaries of the grotesque and the beautiful by communing with the earth and animals through song and ritual performance.

Rami George, Untitled (an attempted utopia is never a failed utopia)
George explored the theme of a new queer reality through a series of discreet takaway ephemera.

GNAT, Glitter-Kink Bondage Gear:
Go-Go fashionz and queer bondage gear, made by queer clothing designer Gnat Brillmeyer, were worn by Go-Go dancers Dirty Girls, Jay Vanity, Stevie Hnilicka, and Cer Vixen.

Erica Gressman, Nested Core
In this durational performance, a body removed layers of skin while enveloped in a soft, protective light.

Darrell Jones, Excerpts from Hoo-Hah
Jones presented a dance performance that explores the racial and gender politics through an homage to ball culture.  The femme warriors conducted a fierce dance-off in collaboration with Chances Dances' Justin Mitchell.

Kiam Marcelo Junio, Jerry Blossom Brigade
Junio organized a military-style march throughout the museum in a collaborative performance that functioned as a ritual circle marking a safe space for queer expression.  The march culminated in a runway walk on the second floor where each participant's performance revealed a personal queer aesthetic.

Meg Leary
Leary is a classically trained opera singer who combined vocal inflection with electronic effects to create a musical performance that shifted among different emotional and psychological states such as beauty, failure, virtuosity, and discomfort.
Mister Junior, Allusion Illusion:  The Mythology of Mister J
Mister Junior is one of Chicago's premier burlesque performers.  In Mister Junior's Epic, the artist prepared for and then performed a burlesque ballet in three acts that represented Mister Junior's birth, death, and divine rebirth as an incarnation of la Virgen de Guadalupe, a patron saint of the utopian world of queerdom.

Dan Paz, KODAK 2013
Paz's video, KODAK 2013, responded to Kodak's famous, recently rediscovered 1922 film tests, which only featured white actresses.  In Paz's version, subjects of various genders and skin tones performed their identities for the camera.  The artist projected KODAK 2013 on a loop in tandem with a live-streamed video of audience members enacting their own performances.

Macon Reed, Team Spirit
Reed collaborated with members of the UIC Flames gymnastics team for a durational performance.  Dressed in matching leotards and high femme makeup, members of the team created various configurations drawing on gymnastic routines.

Darling Shear, Baby You Know Me Out/Clap Yo' Hands/Just one of Those Things performances

Mariana Milhorat: Hair Flips, Mariah Version (film) featuring Mark Aguhar

Latham Zearfoss, Myth of Ancestors (film)

Rami George, Dan Paz, Oli Rodriguez, and Latham Zearfoss, For Chances Dances on her 8th Birthday (film)

[Experiences descriptions and credit details are transcribed from the Chances Dances:  Summoning A New Queer Reality event program.]

DJ Sets:

The members of Chances Dances performed individual DJ sets throughout the night, including--

- Rita Bacon
- Nina Ramone and Lady Speedstick
- Swaquerrilla

Sponsors for the evening included:

- The Reader
- Room and Board Home Furnishings
- 93XRT

The exhibitions on display at the MCA during the shooting of "moments from Chances Dances:  Summoning A New Queer Reality (MCA, 12-06-13)" included:

- MCA Chicago Plaza Project:  Amanda Ross-Ho
- Paul Sietsema
- MCA DNA:  Warhol and Marisol
- The Way of the Shovel:  Art as Archeology
- MCA DNA:  Alexander Calder

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Upcoming Projects

[UPDATED  06-17-14]


- shooting "Nature's Way" fairy tale short film

- shooting, release, and promotion of "Take It From Me" music video with The Baby Magic

- retroactive promoting of some older projects

- release and promotion of "The 21st" short film (late November)


- release and promotion of "Nature's Way" fairy tale short film

- other projects in developement (including, most likely, a German language short film adaptation of "The Willful Child" by the Brothers Grimm)