Wednesday, February 28, 2018

bits and pieces here and there

Februaries aren't supposed to be busy but this one was.

Working on a few fun, very interesting, short projects that will be rolling out in March.  Nothing was put online this month (because I've shooting the material over these last few weeks) but there will be an abbreviated flood of things in March and April.  A thaw, so to speak.

This spring and summer will be all about quick, casual pieces and then things will be getting fancier and more complicated--which seems to be a pattern!--once autumn rolls in; I'll talk about that stuff later on......

Friday, January 26, 2018


I just spent about 2 months building a new website for Addovolt films and, to be honest with you.......

....I actually like this blog better.

It's simple to use.  It gets the job done.  So I'm just going to go ahead and kill or whatever it was.

This Addovolt blog works as is.  No one really gives a shit about elaborate website situations when it comes to what I do.  As long as the information is there--and the films are easily accessible--we're good to go.  When people want to see some of my work, they just pop over to this blog or to my YouTube page.  They explore the Addovolt stuff to watch my projects as films, not to be shunted over to some other website.

There will be some updates on here; I'm going to clean up the design somewhat and that'll be just fine.  What's the point of making things more complicated?  No one needs that.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

company policies

These days, it's difficult to escape politics.  Lines have been drawn in the sand and everybody asks everyone else questions on record.  I'm tired of it too (I think that I can hear your eyes rolling just reading this page and mine were rolling while I was writing it so I can completely sympathize).

Projects created by Addovolt Productions often explore the darker corners of human experience and imagination.  The types of films that we make--the ideas that we explore (dreams, realities, and nightmares, essentially)--exist on their own wavelength.  The ways in which we operate, as creators and craftspeople, exist on a separate, very different, wavelength.

Addovolt Productions is my company and I work very hard to keep things running.  I love clear, straightforward approaches and I'm comfortable with making statements. 

I draw my own lines in the sand and I'm not particularly interested in following contours appointed by others.

What I, and my work, stand for:

-savage individualism

-absolute equality, inclusion, and diversity from A to Z

-total empowerment for all children, women, and men and those who reject gender binaries


-unexclusive humor and satire


-civil, challenging, and nuanced discussions and debates





-forward progression

What I do not and will not support:

-groupthink and mob behaviors


-groveling or ring-kissing

-"cancel" culture



-harassment or abuse of any kind


-fear, intolerance, or cruelty towards those of other races, philosophies, political beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, and/or religions

I don't think that I could be any more direct than that.  Questions, comments, concerns?  Contact me.

--Derek Quint

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Our featured project right now is a journey into the dark side: Pale Horseman's music video for "Phantasmal Voice".

The video, stills, and information page about this project is HERE

Pale Horseman's music video for "Phantasmal Voice"

Now it's time for metal band Pale Horseman's pulp horror-show of a music video, "Phantasmal Voice".

The video is HERE.  It premiered on No Clean Singing on January 10th, 2018.  This project has also been featured on Metal Underground, Shoot Me Again, Rockness.EU, and Daily Heavy Metal News.

Bouncing and zipping around like an infernal pinball machine, this project takes us into a rough episode for a coin devil (he's one of many devils, no one special) who tried to buy love and it doesn't go as well as he had intended. 

His was a bad idea to begin with, a ridiculous little wish that didn't work out.  He thought that his cheri would be help him out, perhaps she'd even begin to enjoy tasking.....?.....

Well, no.

He really didn't think it through. 

So he has to go back to work as usual, making money for, and of, the people of the world who spend their coins as they please on goods, food, company, chemicals, charity, remembrance, etc., etc., and all the other nonsense that people spend money on. 

None of them suspect a thing.  People--not too many, just a few here and there in order to retain the value of scarcity--vanish all the time.

He uses a specific concoction made from beast fat (you liquidize it) plus juice from dirgefruit growing in the backyard.  No big deal if you know the recipe but! once it's injested by humans, that's when the porridge becomes useful.  Extract it, shape it, allow it to dry.  Good stuff, solid, rare, alchemical.  Currency for the people and of the people.

This coin devil doesn't have a big, beautiful throne or a majestic tower; he has a chair that he took from a shuttered theater and lives in a corroded, abandoned train station.  His "crown" is made of pitch, not platinum.  Much of his physical manifestation resembles black leather and steel, nothing too fancy.  Just a little bit of decoration on his face, he'll polish his talons if he gets a minute, and he's ready to go.  Low-maintenance.

He's just a simple worker.  He has a very important job but he's underappreciated considering he's been a pro since Egypt's early days, into the time of the Templars, and onward.  Many other devils have jobs too.

This coin devil enjoys music though (he likes a diverse range in case you're wondering).  He can treat himself to live entertainment in order to soothe his moods so that's nice.  As long as the bands keep things private.  They can assume that their client is just an eccentric human with a taste for darkness, they'll never know; they play their music for a while and then they leave.  If they feel that something seems "off" about this youthfully bizarre gentleman in this nasty, crumbling place, it doesn't really matter.  Perhaps they're consumed by their own inner concerns.

At the end of the story, the coin devil lets cheri run away.  No curse, no revenge, he never sees her again, and never learns anything more about her.  It's one of the few decent things that he's done in about 6000 years.  A moment of self-restraint.  He listens to his music and then tomorrow, I'm sure, he'll go back to being horrible.

No one on Earth, in Heaven, or in Hell is perfect.  We're all possessed by awful secrets, frustrations, and disappointments so have a little bit of sympathy, will you?

Pale Horseman, "Phantastmal Voice"
from their album "The Fourth Seal"
Black Bow Records

music video by Derek Quint
Addovolt Productions

coin devil...........Remy Osborne
cheri...................Courtney Beals
stepmother........Lisa Curtis

people of the world.......
Steve Bernstein, Melanie Deprest, Lauren Hearter, Daniel Hochberg, Eva Karakostas, Dr. Roberto Marquez, Edwin Nieves, Jazmine Osborne, Belinda Stamps, Jack Syron

Special Thanks to:

The City of Gary, IN
The City of Chicago, IL
The City of Highland Park, IL
Ben Clement
Fontini Karakostas Makeup
Pequod's, St. Peter's, Bab's,
Mt. Olive, The HIP,
Bone666138, Carroll27,
Espectral, and MarkedIt

The inspirations for the "Phantasmal Voice" video are meant to be clear.  I believe that it's best to get specific--to honor your inspirations because anyone who makes anything is inspired--rather than to be coy and vague about it. 

I wanted people to be able to see the "Hellraiser" influence in the coin devil character's design.  He's a red-eyed ghoul but he's not 100% wretched looking.  I wanted there to be a slight sliver of a chance that cheri's beauty could possibly find something to gravitate towards when it came to the coin devil's beastliness.  As far as monsters go, the coin devil has a savage, subversive charm to him and that's the point.  Could cheri maybe, possibly, grow to like her awful bridegroom as something of a guilty pleasure?  Stranger things have happened in fairytales like this; opposites attract, as they say.  But when she finds out about one of the ingredients in his work recipe, all granular chances of enchantment are erased.

"Let's combine 70's grime horror with urban legends and 90's mall culture", I said to myself--as everyone does--when project preplanning.  "Pop culture games and gothic fright stories" (they go together like peanut butter and jelly).

Money makes the world go 'round + "Soylent Green" + the medieval concept of the Ship of Fools

But not green, purple.  Purple is different; it can be sinister but there's a sense of humor to it.

"Nosferatu" didn't dissolve in sunlight, he just turned into a "School House Rock" cartoon.

Part of the deadly $ idea comes from an ancient legend about mellified men.  Healthy.

"Texas Chainsaw" ugliness.  There's gotta be some grossness.....offset by some pleasant aesthetics.  You never know what's going to come up next.

The main storyline came from Charles Perrault's and Angela Carter's iterations of "Bluebeard" plus an added scoop of "Rumplestiltskin".

The cheri character is a take on the damsel archetype who goes from one distressing scenario to the next, a Cinderella whose fairy godmother never shows up.  She's a more of a Hole person than a whole person, like she escaped out of Courtney Love's violet era and wasn't able to find her way back.  Her stepmother comes from "The Grapes of Wrath" (notice the grape vines on the wall behind her in the beginning of the video); she's a makeshift saleswoman dealing with a tragic economy.

For this project, let's say that our narrative and visual flavor anchor is somewhere in the ballpark of 1985 ("Texas Chainsaw" was the main aesthetic influence on this project but I kept thinking about 80's horror films a lot too where everything feels viscerally real and over-the-top/absurd at the same time; I love how they are able to do that) but dates don't matter.  It's in the past and it's now too.

The structure of the video is meant to be like a kind of 19th century penny dreadful, a quick, fun freakout, a "morality fable" that makes you feel like you need to take a hot shower afterwards.  Scrub extra hard.  A self-contained, heavy metal horror adventure story that you can run through in 8 1/2 minutes.  In, out, done.

Making this project was a trip; a long, filthy process.  Lots of goo made of unexpected stuff (for example the coin-ready entrails soup was paint mixed with olive oil mixed with marshmallow fluff), complicated costumes, makeup mayhem, odd environments, weather doing what it does, delays.

Pale Horseman, the band, are always a delight to work with (good guys, terrific musicians) and all the actors that pulled through to work on this were saints that I look forward to working with again on upcoming films.  Remy Osborne and Courtney Beals--the two leads--are champs who put up with a lot of crazy weather/locations/costumes/makeup in order to move this project to completion.  A great big extra Thank You to everybody who participated.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

slice of life

Head on over to heavy metal website No Clean Singing where Pale Horseman's "Phantasmal Voice" music video has now premiered.

The link is right HERE

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Addovolt Explorations: Greenery

This latest addition to the Addovolt Explorations quick documentaries series hits you right in the pocket.

The Money Museum inside the Federal Bank building is the place to go when you're feeling Scrooge McDuck-y, needing to be surrounded by wads of cash, and want to learn a thing or two about the American monetary system.

The video is HERE on YouTube and more Addovolt Explorations are listed HERE.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Baby Magic's music video, "Don't Mess With Me" press release

Mary Beth Brennan and her ragtag band of no-wave rockers, The Baby Magic, are here to warm up your devices with their dark Christmas music video.  "Don't Mess With Me", off of the Chicago trio's most recent album, Rent a Place in Hell, has dropped and it's 3 minutes of holiday fun to rile up your whole family.

The music video is here:

The Baby Magic is lead vocalist/keyboardist Mary Beth Brennan, guitarist/back up vocalist Patrick Coleman, and drummer Santiago Guerrero.  Their Bandcamp page is here:

The music video was directed by filmmaker Derek Quint (Addovolt Productions) and features actor Michael Massett as a not-so-jolly Santa character.

all pics by Derek Quint

The Baby Magic lead vocalist/keyboardist, Mary Beth Brennan

The Baby Magic guitarist/back up vocalist, Patrick Coleman

The Baby Magic drummer, Santiago Guerrero

actor Michael Massett as Der Belsnickel

Featured Project

Our featured project right now is The Baby Magic's new music video for "Don't Mess With Me".  Get electrified by some darksided yuletide tidings right HERE

The Baby Magic's "Don't Mess With Me" music video

It's a Christmasy music video for a song that doesn't necessarily tie itself in to November/December festivities......but it could.  It does, in an abstract way I guess, but it doesn't have to.

Der Belsnickel's rap/poem/warning sequence was mixed into the song/video last-minute and that, definitely, ties everything up with a nice, red, seasonal bow.

We're having our fruitcake and eating it too.  Michael Massett portrays an antagonistic Belsnickel so that this short journey doesn't get too saccharine-sweet (we can't have any of that).

Are there a couple of nods to "A Christmas Story", "Christmas Vacation", and "Home Alone"?  Well, yeah, of course.  That would be dumb not to.  This mess was shot in Chicago in all of its Midwestern, snowy glory so I'm just being traditional, sentimental.  I also was thinking about John Waters' "Female Trouble" and the old Pee-wee Herman stuff a little bit too.

The music video for The Baby Magic's "Don't Mess With Me" is HERE.  The song is from their album, Rent A Place In Hell (2014).

More music from The Baby Magic in on their Bandcamp page.

Additional stills from this project are below plus an image transcription of Belsnickel's heartwarming message that you can recite to all your family and friends.

This project premiered online December 14th, 2017 and has been featured on Radio One Chicago and in Punk Globe Magazine.

Lead singer, Mary Beth Brennan, contemplates the important things in life

Guitarist, Patrick Coleman, gets more than he bargained for

get your game on:  drummer Santiago Guerrero

Michael Massett as Der Belsnickel

Patrick Coleman takes a break from devious planning to pose alongside the video's director, Derek Quint

delicious:  we got lucky and ended up having the shoot during Chicago's very few snowy days in 2017