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"The 21st" script


*I like writing my screenplays like stage plays; I just like the way it looks.  It's more book-y.

*All the scenes in the pink print are what we'll be shooting on December 18th with everyone involved.

*All the scenes in the blue print will be shot early in 2013 and only involve Gabe S.'s and Lauren H.'s characters (Sam and Tracy).

*Is there more going on than in this script?  Yes.  There is room for criss-crossing through the conversations of the other partiers/extras.  Improv (thoughtful improv, rather) will be encouraged for any scenes that involve dancing, relationship banter, etc.  Got something to say?  Have a truthful or vicious one-liner?  Great; write it down and bring it with you on the 18th.  This script is written so that breathing room, improv, and on-set creativity is encouraged.

*This project loves:  "Love, Actually", "Young Adult", "Pretty In Pink", "Queer As Folk"

"The 21st"



*Sam--a gay guy, turning 30, with a good group of friends, a nice boyfriend, and his heart stuck in the past.

*Tracy--Sam's ex-girlfriend, edgy, used to be very goth/punk who's now mellowed out a bit.  Sort of.

*Luke--Tracy's current boyfriend; cool, ultra-liberal, graphic designer by trade.

*April--Tracy's fabulous, party girl roommate.

*Joshua--Sam's boyfriend who is falling for him emotionally but has reason for concern.

*Ian--the handsome and mysterious guy that Sam's been in love with for a decade.

*Daniel--Ian's boyfriend.  Also good-looking, quite successful, cool.

*Partiers, Friends, Ex-lovers, and Coworkers--everyone else.

"The 21st"

It's now.  Within a modernly-decorated vintage Chicago apartment, the halls fully decked out for Christmas, a group of young, good-looking people in their 20's and 30's are eating cookies and snacks off of Rudolph paper plates, drinking cheap and mid-range alcohol, and making merry.  Inside, the lights twinkle and voices laugh.  Outside is a cold, snowy darkness.

In the kitchen, Sam and Joshua are sitting at a table while Tracy and April buzz around the kitchen, fussing over the snack plates, getting booze out of the fridge.  Luke lingers nearby with a red cup of spiked cider.  April is digging through the alcohol racks.

April [to Sam and Joshua]:  Do you boys want weak or strong?

Joshua:  Um.....in-between?

Sam:  Whatever you grab.

April:  I'll grab you a somethin' hot stuff!  [she hands the boys their drinks and scoots over next to Sam]  Event though you're not in your 20's anymore, you're still so cute! [she squeeze-hugs Sam]

Sam:  Oh my god, thanks so much....

Joshua:  She's right!  [he also squeeze-hugs Sam]

Sam:  Thanks, creeps.  Oh fuck.....[laughing]

April:  How do you feel about it?

Sam:  It's not a big deal, actually.  I thought that it would bother me but I'm just 'whatever' about it.

Tracy:  [all business] April, let's do the cake now so that we don't forget about it later.  Is that okay with everyone?

April:  Cake?

Tracy:  Yeah, the cake.  We always do a cake for Sam's birthday.  Just like last year.  I put it on the list.  Please tell me that you didn't forget it....

April:  I didn't see it on the list.

Tracy:  It was on the list.

April:  I think that you forgot to write it in.

Tracy:  No....it was on there.  You just didn't look that closely.

April:  Yeah.  Aw, shit!  Sammy, I'm so sorry....I'm gonna go to Jewel right now....

Sam:  No!  Who cares?  Don't worry about it.

Tracy:  Your 30th is a big deal.  And I know that you feel like your birthday always gets eaten up by Christmas....

Luke:  C'mon, now!  It's your special day!  Let's get this man a cake!

April:  Sam, don't be a hard-ass.  I'm going to get you a cake....

Sam:  No!  Just give me a fucking cookie and that's enough, seriously. [he grabs a cookie off of the table]
Let's all share.

Tracy cuts the cookie, with a butter knife, into 5 extremely small, thumb-sized bits.  Sam, Tracy, Luke, April, and Joshua all take a piece.  They sing "Happy Birthday" to Sam.

Joshua:  Oh wow....amazing....[sarcastic]

Luke:  Happy Birthday, Samuel.

Everyone eats their cookie bit.

April:  We should have saved a piece for Ian; one for the whole gang.

Sam:  Is he coming tonight?

Luke:  He's going to grace us with his presence for the first time in 4 years.

Joshua:  Who's Ian?

Tracy:  An old friend.  We all went to college with him and he was on the track team with your man over there [nudging towards Sam].

April:  And he's bringing his own special someone with him tonight so that will be fun.....

Sam:  Cool.  Tell me about her.

April:  He didn't say a lot but....uh....[laughing; she slides a glance over to Tracy]

Tracy:  I think that it's fine.  Go ahead.

April:  [her eyes gleaming]  The closet finally opened and guess who crept out, silently, in the middle of the night, when no one was looking?

Luke:  Ian is gay!  hahahaha  Like we didn't all know!

Sam:  What?

In the living room, the apartment door opens and in walks Ian and his new boyfriend Daniel.  Everyone goes over for hi's and hugs.  Ian and Daniel seem incredibly comfortable together and in great spirits.  Sam watches Ian and Daniel silently after he greets them himself.  Out of nowhere, pops April with a plastic piece of mistletoe she's holding over her head and Sam's.

April:  Look what I found!  Merry Christmas!

April grabs Sam's face and gives it a smooch while Sam blankly stares at happy, handsome Ian and his new partner.


At the party, the drinking continues,  sugar rushes through bloodstreams, and the silliness increases.  Christmas music chimes through the speakers while a few people boogie in the middle of the living room.

Sam and Joshua are talking with Daniel while, across the room, we see that April and a few girls are clearly hanging all over Ian and monopolizing his time.  It's the first time that they've seen him in a while and they want to soak in as much as they can.

Joshua:  .....after a while you get used to getting up at 5 in the morning but it just means that I can't stay that long at parties or whatever.

Daniel:  I hear you, man.  Every once in a while I have to do the same thing but at least I don't have to drive 45 minutes in the middle of winter.  God, that must suck.

Sam:  Well, yeah, it has to be a lot easier in San Diego.

Daniel:  That will be ending soon.  That's why he and I can't stay here for too long because we have a red-eye flight to catch later tonight.  We're moving to New York.  Just in time for the New Year.

Sam:  Oh.  Everything is better in New York, right?

Daniel:  The condo will be smaller but it will be nice having our new space.  But, you know, Brooklyn is hard to beat and I'm lucky because he's very easy to live with [flashing a loving glance towards Ian].

Sam:  I bet.

Tracy comes over to the boys with a plate full of weird white chocolate blobs with pretzels sticking out of them.

Tracy:  These are really good.  Take one.

Joshua:  I will take one but I have to get going soon.  I have to get up early.

Tracy:  What about you? [looking over at Sam]

Joshua, looks towards Sam, expecting that Sam will be leaving with him.

Sam:  I might stay a little longer but I'll meet you back at your place later, okay?

Tracy:  Joshua, which coat is yours?

Joshua:  Navy with....zippers on it.

Tracy:  Navy with zippers, got it.

Tracy heads down the hall and into the bedroom with the "coat bed" (as every party has one).  There she finds a couple making-out on top of the coats.  She tries moving them and searching through the coats, during the make-out session, but she has no luck finding Joshua's coat.  She gives up and returns to the boys in the living room.

Tracy:  Just stay a little while longer.  We'll find it later.


A drag performer gives a holiday show in the middle of the living room, which everyone seems to be enjoying.

While Joshua is distracted by the show, Sam ducks out of the living room and heads towards back patio of the apartment building to go have a cigarette.  The only one who notices him leaving is Tracy who follows him out there.

In the back patio area, Sam lights one up but Tracy snatches it out of his mouth and tosses it on the lawn.

Tracy:  Smoking is bad for you, Sam.


Sam:  How the fuck did that happen?

Tracy:  I don't know.  You'll have to ask him.

Sam:  I tried many times....so many times.  I knew it.  We've been talking about it for years.

Tracy:  No, we didn't know it.  We didn't know anything.  All I knew, eventually, was that you had a thing for him.

Sam:  He lied to me.  Why would he do that?

Tracy:  For the same reasons that you probably did when we were together.


7 years ago.  Here are Sam and Tracy sitting in Clark's on Clark 24-hour diner.  Sam looks pretty emo while Tracy is as goth as a cauldron full of bats.  They are eating pancakes at 2 am.  It's winter.

Sam:  Is that piece of bacon going to go to waste?

Tracy:  No, you can have it because I love you.

Sam:  Thanks.  [he takes it from off her plate]

Tracy:  And because you love me too.


Tracy:  You do love me right?

Sam:  [this takes a while....]  ....Sure....

Tracy:  'Sure' isn't 'yes'.

Sam:  Are you tired?

Tracy:  Do you love me Sam?

Sam:  I think that I do...

Tracy:  If you did, you'd know.

Sam:  I like you a lot.  I've always cared about you....

Tracy:  Have you ever loved me?

No Answer.

Tracy:  Are you going to love me?

Sam:  This is ridiculous.

Tracy:  Do you plan on loving me at any point in the near future?

Sam:  I don't know....

Tracy:  Have you ever loved anyone?

No Answer.

Tracy:  I realize that you're bi and everything but I just wasn't sure where.....

No follow up.

Tracy:  Are you gay?

Sam:  I don't know.....

Tracy:  Oh my fucking god....

Sam:  I like whoever I like....

Tracy:  You're gay.  My mother was right.

Sam:  That doesn't mean that I'm not open to other possibilities.....

A waitress walks over to their table.

Waitress:  Can I get you two anything else?

Tracy:  I was wondering if I could order a straight boyfriend.  Do you have any extra ones hanging out back there, maybe?

Waitress:  [laughing]  I don't really think that I can help out with that....

Tracy:  Oh, okay, I guess that we're ready for the bill then.

Sam:  You're making this out to be more than what it is.

Tracy:  Just shut up and eat your fucking pancakes.


Sam:  Yeah, fine, but we've all changed.  I was just trying to figure things out.  It's not easy coming to terms with the fact that your life is going to be very, very different from most other peoples'.

Tracy:  And maybe it was the same way for Ian.

Sam:  But I asked him if he was gay.  I gave him all kinds of chances.  And he said that he had never, ever thought of me that way.  He'd never thought of guys that way at all.  I tried.

Tracy:  I know, I remember you telling me.  But maybe he didn't know back then?

Sam:  That's always such bullshit.  He knew....I thought that we had something.  It wasn't just my imagination.  How did....[trails off, pacing]  But I never believed him--I knew that something was up.  Don't you think that we could make a good couple?

Tracy:  You and who?

Sam:  Ian and me!

Tracy:  Yeah, okay, definitely.  You would be a hot couple.

Sam:  Then what the fuck!?!  What the fuck does that guy have that I don't have?!

Tracy:  I don't know....he met Ian at the right point in his life.

Sam:  More money.

Tracy:  You don't know that....  What about Joshua?  Joshua is awesome.  I don't understand--

Sam:  Joshua isn't Ian.  Not even close.  I feel like I got scammed...

Tracy:  Oh really!?!  You know something!?  Maybe I feel like I got scammed!  Have you ever thought of that!?  I know that you think that you're the center of the universe but there are other people in your life who matter too.  Maybe you should consider these things.

Sam:  I never tried to scam you.

Tracy:  I don't know what your intent was.  I thought that we had something too....

Sam:  I didn't realize that you ever thought about that stuff still.  I thought that you were okay with everything.

Tracy:  No, I wasn't okay with it.  I will never be okay with it.

Sam tries to hug her but Tracy backs away.

Sam:  I'm so sorry.  I had no idea.....

Tracy:  Well, that just shows how naive you are.


Joshua is searching for Sam but can't find him anywhere.  The make-out couple giggles their way out of the bedroom.  The party is winding down.  Joshua is about to enter the bedroom and retrieve his coat but April, holding a spray bottle and roll of paper towels, stops him.

April:  Just give me a few minutes, just in case. [she then enters the room alone with her clean-up supplies]


Sam:  I have to figure out what to do.

Tracy:  I have no idea when he's going to come by again, Sam.  If you're going to talk with him about anything, you need to figure it out now.


Ian has his coat on and is saying his goodbye's and getting hugs.  Sam makes his way through the group and gives Ian a hug too.

Ian:  Hey, I wish that we could have talked more.  Take care, buddy.

Sam just holds him for a moment and then looks him directly in the eye.

Sam:  Why wasn't I good enough for you?

Time freezes.

Akward moment.  Ian just looks up at him and laughs nervously.

Ian:  Sam, I don't really know how to--

Daniel swoops in, not rudely, just matter-of-factly, tugs at Ian and kisses him on the cheek.

Daniel:  Baby, we have a plane to catch.

The moment between Sam and Ian dissolves.  Ian and Daniel hug and say goodbye to a couple of other people and then head out the doorway.

April appears and cheerily hands Sam his coat.

Aprils:  Here's yours, dahling.

Sam:  I'll take Josh's too.

April:  No, he took his a while back.


Outside, Sam is walking to his car through the snowy streets, with his cell phone to his ear, calling Joshua.  As the conversation progresses, Sam uses his keys to get into his car and just sits inside until the conversation concludes.

We hear Joshua's voice on the other end of the phone.

Joshua:  Hello.

Sam:  Hey, I'll be over in a little while.  Just give me a few minutes.

Joshua:  I'm really tired so....you know, just don't worry about it for tonight.

Sam:  Did you have fun at the party?

Joshua:  Yeah.


Sam:  I'll give you a call tomorrow then.

Joshua:  You know....the next couple of weeks are going to be really busy for me so.....I'll call you.  I have a lot of family stuff that I'll be going to and everything....

Sam:  Oh....okay.

Joshua:  I'll call you later sometime, alright?

Sam:  [surprised for a moment but then understands what's happening]  Okay, if that's what you want.

Joshua:  Okay, have a good night.

Sam:  Good night.

Joshua hangs up and ends the call.  Sam wasn't expecting that and just sits for a moment in the car.

The End

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