Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Nature's Way" (fairy tale short film) inspirations

"Nature's Way" does not take place in the Renaissance era.  It does not take place in the Victorian era nor does it take place in the 1970's, 1980's, the early 1990's, nor does it take place right now in 2014.


It takes place in it's own dimension which is the Renaissance and the Victorian era and the final decades of the 20th century--all at once!  It's postmodern.

Maybe it takes place in the future after some terrible calamity which has jumbled culture into a messy, sequined stew?  (sure, sure, I guess that anything's possible....)

Whatever the case may be, the "Nature's Way" fairy tale short film is disco-medieval.  It just is.  And it will all make sense (....?.....) in it's finished incarnation.

I have it figured out.  You'll get it.  You'll understand it.

The king wears a crown, travels in a limo, uses a cell phone, and has sword-wielding bodyguards/secret service agents.

The kingdom has newspapers, quill pens, skyscrapers, dance clubs, hospitals for injured "unique" creatures (griffins, sphinxes), cameras, and enchanted scrolls.  So there you have it.

This is going to be the indulgent 80's teen movie/coming-of-age film that I've always wanted to find the excuse to make.....except, you know, this one involves magic spells, sword fights, and bizarre masks and stuff like that (of course).

I want people to love this film.  I want them to really enjoy it and I want them to watch it.  And I also, through all the glitter and shine, want them to get a sly, genuine message--via metaphor--about individual empowerment/the necessity of breaking rules/sexuality/shattering tradition when need be/facing reality.  Because, as they say, that's Nature's Way.  That's when life and happiness are most effective.

"Nature's Way" is meant to be a party film, a cult film, a guilty pleasure, and a WTF.

Here are some things that are inspiring me for this project:

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