Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let's See, What's New....?....

All kinds of new stuff happening.

Schedule changes.

So that's happening.

That seems to happen a lot.  Especially indie stuff (have you ever noticed that?) but it's alright.

*The warped fairy tale short film, "Midnight Recipe", won't be online until Valentine's Day 2016.  That's quite a wait but we're accommodating the schedules of our main actors to tackle all the scenes that I want for this project.  This film is bonkers and it's going to be a tasty little slice of cult filmmaking in the ways that you want it to be.  I hope that you girls and guys really like it.  I think that you will.  But, yeah, you're going to have to be patient for a while.  I wanted to have it online for Christmas but that isn't gonna happen.  Most of it is shot already but there's still some scenes left to shoot.

*The new music video for The Baby Magic's upcoming single, "Huts" should be online at the end of this summer as long as everything goes according to plan (which it is at this moment).  So far so good.  The song is incredible (it's safe to say that it's my favorite song from The Baby Magic as of now) and the video is a lot of fun--as much fun as a song about money and modern anxiety could possibly be!  In the meantime, I have a lot of editing to do and we have a couple more scenes to shoot......while I'm simultaneously shooting "Midnight Recipe".

Here's a couple of stills of Mary Beth, the lead singer of The Baby Magic, in the "Huts" video (rock n' roll, 80's, 90's, now, existential angst, cash money, humor, America, stress, indulgence, etc., etc.  I'm not 100% sure why we were going for a Bruce Springsteen/Don Henley Through The Looking Glass type of thing, but....uh....well, that's how it's playing out for some reason):

*Next year, I'm shooting a horror-comedy movie.  A feature-length indie film.  Yes, a "real movie" (smart-asses....).  [Even though I will defend short films to the death and I insist that short films are "real movies" too except that they don't eat up your entire evening; there is a place for short films, they're an underappreciated format, and I think that more movies should be shorter--not longer!--if possible--but anyway....]  I am very tempted to blab-blab-blab about the plot of this horror-comedy but I'm going to keep myself in check at this time.  All I can say is that the storyline is ridiculous and that the "villain"/monster is more of a desadian anti-hero than monster.  There will be gore, there will be amazing locations, there will be fabulous/WTF costumes, plot lines from Dimension X, mean people that you're sorta/kinda rooting for, fancy things, gritty things, and dialogue to make your heart sing (or at least give you some belly laughs).  It's not going to be a regular horror film, however.....this is a business film.  There is a personal initiative behind it.  I want it to make some money and I want people to watch it and enjoy it.  Yes, obviously, Addovolt is indie as heck but we're going to do the best that we can with this and see how it goes.  We've never really done a "business film" before (we've only done underground art films, essentially, and some small documentaries and indie music videos) but this is the 21st century.  Let's utilize what we can even though I'm working with a limited $ reach when it comes to promo.  Regardless, let's do the best that we can do, aim for that tiny international cult audience that likes weird, underground stuff and has been supportive of my bizarro little projects over the years, and let's just.....see how it goes.  With realistic expectations and make it a learning process.  I love independent cinema that features storytelling played in an unusual emotional key--that's the kind of stuff that I aim to do--and I want to continue on that road for the moment.  My work, when it comes to plot, is actually not all that strange (the story hooks are not very abstract at all, really, and that's done on purpose) but it feels weird.  Odd textures, strange vibes, atypical aesthetics.  The point, when it all boils down to it, is to try to communicate things from my perspective and/or the perspective of certain characters.  Inevitably, those perspectives show up looking a bit "different" (haha) for better or for worse.  But different is good.

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