Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm Here! I'm Here!

I ain't dead yet, kids!

Yeah, so, it's 2016 now.  I've decided that this year is the year of blinding (painful? relentless?) clarity so let's cut right to the chase.....

The really weird/creepy/hopefully amazing fairy tale short film that we've been working on (and continue to work on)--it's called "Midnight Recipe"--is absolutely chugging along and we're still filming it.  It's elaborate to the point of being self-destructive and, yes, I've bitten off more than I can chew with it.  So, there, I said it.  There's some honesty for you.  It's coming along well, it's pretty damn expensive for an indie short, and it's a huge hassle to wrangle.  I feel like that sums it up.  Because "Midnight Recipe" is a big weirdo, I have to promote it the right way, carefully.  I originally planned for it to be up for viewing on Valentine's Day--meaning that I would push the film as something of a twisted Valentine's Day love story--of this year but I realized around New Year's that there was no way that we could pull that off.

My other option that I thought of in the middle of the night in early February was that I could push "Midnight Recipe" as a bizarro Christmastime fairy tale--because the Yultide Season is the season of magic and folk stories--and do it that way instead.  So that's how we're going to do it.

"Midnight Recipe" will be up for viewing in December 2016 which means that your Christmas is going to be more queasy, surreal, and uncomfortable (all adjectives that could describe "Midnight Recipe"!) than it usually is.

And this also means that I can edit and fuss with this short film to my heart's desire from now until Thanksgiving which, as a filmmaker, is always a luxury.

It's possible that I might do another music video with The Baby Magic this year but we've gotta figure it out.

And, after this year is over, I'll be starting on our first Independent Feature Film (tah-dah!) that we'll be shooting in '17.  It's a horror-comedy.  It's scary, not only because of blood and butchery, but because it's going to be a challenging project to tackle and, yes, I'm already losing sleep over it.  I'm kind of terrified to do it but hopefully it will come out the way that we're aiming for.  I hope that people will enjoy it.  The characters are extremely mean, salty (but hilarious) motherfuckers.  It's one of those films in which you have to choose which bad guy you want to root for because everyone in it is trouble and they all have legitimate reasons for being horrible to each other.  It's going to be trashy, glamorous, silly, unnerving, and a whole lot of fun; the film is centered around quantum physics, privilege, creatures from other dimensions, the undead, and extremely reckless people.  I'm currently obsessed with "Little Shop of Horrors", "Poltergeist", "Valley of the Dolls", "Clueless", "The Great Gatsby", "Weird Science", "Leprechaun", and all things John Waters.  There will be (clearly) fake documentaries, American history, shady companies, and gross relationships.

If everything goes according to plan, this indie horror film (I can't tell you the title yet because it gives away too too much) will turn out to be the enjoyable hot mess/guilty pleasure that we want it to be.  But I'm already revealing more than I should.