Monday, July 31, 2017

Addovolt Explorations

Addovolt Explorations is a series of quick, casual, mini-documentaries that we'll be doing on a regular basis between extensive projects (i.e. music videos, films, and longer documentaries).  The Explorations will be focusing on creators, locations, science, and history.  They're kind of like our version of a podcast (sort of, in a way).

The entries so far are (from most recent to oldest):

* "Galactic" (the first journeys away from Earth weren't quick, cheap, or easy)

* "Greenery" (a downtown spot that will make you feel highbrow in a different sort of way.....)

* "(re)Purposeful" (interesting locations that started out for one use and eventually turned into something else entirely)

* "Union Departures" (a quiet graveyard that shouldn't be overlooked)

* "Mystery Masks" (a small neighborhood holds a ton of premium disguises)

* "Well, What?" (an allegedly miraculous water pump in a forest preserve)

* "White City, Emerald City" (Oz Park and the connection between L. Frank Baum and the city of Chicago)

slices of life in bite-sized pieces

An article HERE discusses the idea behind Addovolt Explorations as a series concept.

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