Sunday, December 31, 2017

Addovolt Explorations: Greenery

This latest addition to the Addovolt Explorations quick documentaries series hits you right in the pocket.

The Money Museum inside the Federal Bank building is the place to go when you're feeling Scrooge McDuck-y, needing to be surrounded by wads of cash, and want to learn a thing or two about the American monetary system.

The video is HERE on YouTube and more Addovolt Explorations are listed HERE.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Baby Magic's music video, "Don't Mess With Me" press release

Mary Beth Brennan and her ragtag band of no-wave rockers, The Baby Magic, are here to warm up your devices with their dark Christmas music video.  "Don't Mess With Me", off of the Chicago trio's most recent album, Rent a Place in Hell, has dropped and it's 3 minutes of holiday fun to rile up your whole family.

The music video is here:

The Baby Magic is lead vocalist/keyboardist Mary Beth Brennan, guitarist/back up vocalist Patrick Coleman, and drummer Santiago Guerrero.  Their Bandcamp page is here:

The music video was directed by filmmaker Derek Quint (Addovolt Productions) and features actor Michael Massett as a not-so-jolly Santa character.

all pics by Derek Quint

The Baby Magic lead vocalist/keyboardist, Mary Beth Brennan

The Baby Magic guitarist/back up vocalist, Patrick Coleman

The Baby Magic drummer, Santiago Guerrero

actor Michael Massett as Der Belsnickel

Featured Project

Our featured project right now is The Baby Magic's new music video for "Don't Mess With Me".  Get electrified by some darksided yuletide tidings right HERE

The Baby Magic's "Don't Mess With Me" music video

It's a Christmasy music video for a song that doesn't necessarily tie itself in to November/December festivities......but it could.  It does, in an abstract way I guess, but it doesn't have to.

Der Belsnickel's rap/poem/warning sequence was mixed into the song/video last-minute and that, definitely, ties everything up with a nice, red, seasonal bow.

We're having our fruitcake and eating it too.  Michael Massett portrays an antagonistic Belsnickel so that this short journey doesn't get too saccharine-sweet (we can't have any of that).

Are there a couple of nods to "A Christmas Story", "Christmas Vacation", and "Home Alone"?  Well, yeah, of course.  That would be dumb not to.  This mess was shot in Chicago in all of its Midwestern, snowy glory so I'm just being traditional, sentimental.  I also was thinking about John Waters' "Female Trouble" and the old Pee-wee Herman stuff a little bit too.

The music video for The Baby Magic's "Don't Mess With Me" is HERE.  The song is from their album, Rent A Place In Hell (2014).

More music from The Baby Magic in on their Bandcamp page.

Additional stills from this project are below plus an image transcription of Belsnickel's heartwarming message that you can recite to all your family and friends.

This project premiered online December 14th, 2017 and has been featured on Radio One Chicago and in Punk Globe Magazine.

Lead singer, Mary Beth Brennan, contemplates the important things in life

Guitarist, Patrick Coleman, gets more than he bargained for

get your game on:  drummer Santiago Guerrero

Michael Massett as Der Belsnickel

Patrick Coleman takes a break from devious planning to pose alongside the video's director, Derek Quint

delicious:  we got lucky and ended up having the shoot during Chicago's very few snowy days in 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

seasonal moments

The Baby Magic's new music video for "Don't Mess With Me" will be posted on here on Thursday.

Somehow it manages to be extremely Christmasy while also being the least yuletidy video imaginable.  I guess that's what makes The Baby Magic magic.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holly Jolly

Right now we're working on a very special Christmas video to coincide with The Baby Magic's upcoming holiday show.  That video will be online next week so it's all a mad dash to finish it up in time.

It's one of those coffee/Red Bull kind of weeks.

Monday, December 4, 2017

"Voice"'s carry

Pale Horseman:  Jason Schryver, Rich Cygan, Eric Ondo, and Andre Almaraz  

The music video for metal band Pale Horseman's single, "Phantasmal Voice", will be online next month, in January 2018.  That project is all done and now the team is planning the rollout of the video to come soon after the release of the new album, "The Fourth Seal". 

So let the forced cheeriness of the holidays fade out before we get into the neo-folktale ghoulfest that the music video most certainly is.

Cheri (Courtney Beals) realizes that relationships can be awfully messy in the upcoming music video for "Phantasmal Voice"

In the meantime, listen to some of Pale Horseman's cuts--past albums as well as new material from "The Fourth Seal"--on their Bandcamp page:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Addovolt Explorations: (re)Purposeful

This month, we wanted to talk about places that started out as one thing but ended up as something else entirely.

The fascinating locations that we feature in this quick doc are mostly Windy City sites (The Chicago Cultural Center, Andersonville's Brown Elephant, The Essanay Building, The Ghost Church of Pilsen, and Wicker Park's Vitamin Vault) with one exception (the Traverse City Commons in Michigan).

Three narrators because why not?:  Nancy Quint (history buff and my mother!), co-director Jack Syron, and writer-director Derek Quint.

This month's edition of Addovolt Explorations, "(re)Purposeful", is a little bit longer than the usual quick docs but there was a lot of ground to cover (literally).  The video is HERE on YouTube.  Still photos from this project are below.

The other Addovolt Explorations are HERE.

co-director and narrator Jack Syron (and some random customers in the background) focusing on health at the Vitamin Vault

most places that sell 8 different flavors of Doritos don't have ornate ceilings or skylights but the Vitamin Vault Walgreens--a former bank--isn't a typical drug store

old-school drugstore artifacts displayed within the Vitamin Vault

Jack checking the milligrams

view of Pilsen's Ghost Church from 19th Street

the peak of the steeple showing modern reinforcements

a protective shield covers the crucifix; the building is more of an historic brick shell than anything else by this point

still holds up:  a view of the church from Peoria Street

The former Essanay movie studio is now a series of residences

terracotta embellishments framing the front entrance

historical plaque describing the building's history

a slot hatch on the side of the Essanay building (is this where silent movie actors would drop their headshots?  probably not)

the original use of this address on Clark Street is clear from the words above the top window

chipped murals on the walls behind shelves selling used books

director Derek Quint, oblivious to his surroundings

performance art:  ragged but still charming details within the main (former) auditorium space

Traverse City Commons was an expansive asylum that's been rehabbed for multiple current uses

one of the abandoned buildings in the back on the Traverse Commons complex tagged, appropriately, with "Cruel Summer" in pastel pink

American Gothic:  some structures at the Commons are still on the to-do list when it comes to repairs

 narrator Nancy Quint goes full-on Nancy Drew outside one of the abandoned houses at the Commons; the over-the-top "KEEP OUT" sign couldn't be more perfect

The Chicago Cultural Center used to be a (ridiculously lavish) library

intricate tilework on one of the main staircases

quotes from classic authors are in mosaics all over the building; this one reads:  "A good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life."--Milton

and last but not least:  the ceiling of the Preston Bradley Hall inside the Chicago Cultural Center