Thursday, October 26, 2017

Addovolt Explorations: Union Departures

A fast, informative spin through Chicago's oldest existing cemetery, narrated by Remy Osborne.

The "Union Departures" episode of Addovolt Explorations is right HERE on YouTube.

More Addovolt Explorations are HERE.

The Schillinger mausoleum in Union Ridge Cemetery, complete with cherub detail, dated to 1913.  The "Addovolt Explorations:  Union departures" quick doc was shot in the middle of a thunderstorm (why chose any other time?) so ignore the "orbs".  They're raindrops (at least we assume they are....).

Civil War veterans' graves and their cannon.

After having performed in a number of different Addovolt Productions, Remy Osborne takes on narration duties.  Thanks, Remy!

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