Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Baby Magic's music video, "Don't Mess With Me" press release

Mary Beth Brennan and her ragtag band of no-wave rockers, The Baby Magic, are here to warm up your devices with their dark Christmas music video.  "Don't Mess With Me", off of the Chicago trio's most recent album, Rent a Place in Hell, has dropped and it's 3 minutes of holiday fun to rile up your whole family.

The music video is here:

The Baby Magic is lead vocalist/keyboardist Mary Beth Brennan, guitarist/back up vocalist Patrick Coleman, and drummer Santiago Guerrero.  Their Bandcamp page is here:

The music video was directed by filmmaker Derek Quint (Addovolt Productions) and features actor Michael Massett as a not-so-jolly Santa character.

all pics by Derek Quint

The Baby Magic lead vocalist/keyboardist, Mary Beth Brennan

The Baby Magic guitarist/back up vocalist, Patrick Coleman

The Baby Magic drummer, Santiago Guerrero

actor Michael Massett as Der Belsnickel

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