Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Baby Magic's "Don't Mess With Me" music video

It's a Christmasy music video for a song that doesn't necessarily tie itself in to November/December festivities......but it could.  It does, in an abstract way I guess, but it doesn't have to.

Der Belsnickel's rap/poem/warning sequence was mixed into the song/video last-minute and that, definitely, ties everything up with a nice, red, seasonal bow.

We're having our fruitcake and eating it too.  Michael Massett portrays an antagonistic Belsnickel so that this short journey doesn't get too saccharine-sweet (we can't have any of that).

Are there a couple of nods to "A Christmas Story", "Christmas Vacation", and "Home Alone"?  Well, yeah, of course.  That would be dumb not to.  This mess was shot in Chicago in all of its Midwestern, snowy glory so I'm just being traditional, sentimental.  I also was thinking about John Waters' "Female Trouble" and the old Pee-wee Herman stuff a little bit too.

The music video for The Baby Magic's "Don't Mess With Me" is HERE.  The song is from their album, Rent A Place In Hell (2014).

More music from The Baby Magic in on their Bandcamp page.

Additional stills from this project are below plus an image transcription of Belsnickel's heartwarming message that you can recite to all your family and friends.

This project premiered online December 14th, 2017 and has been featured on Radio One Chicago and in Punk Globe Magazine.

Lead singer, Mary Beth Brennan, contemplates the important things in life

Guitarist, Patrick Coleman, gets more than he bargained for

get your game on:  drummer Santiago Guerrero

Michael Massett as Der Belsnickel

Patrick Coleman takes a break from devious planning to pose alongside the video's director, Derek Quint

delicious:  we got lucky and ended up having the shoot during Chicago's very few snowy days in 2017

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