Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Addovolt Explorations: Buried Treasure

character study

At no point did the dinosaurs have any kind of funerary procedures for themselves so you never know if you'll randomly stumble across some Plateosaurus femur--for example--the next time you're planting in your vegetable garden.  (okay, the likelihood of that actually happening isn't great but you get the point....)

And, then, if you do find one, maybe you can cash it in?  How much is it worth?  Can you sell it to the Smithsonian?  Could you shell it out to somebody on Etsy instead?  Are you now rich?

Impress your relatives by putting items like these in your guest bedroom.

Probably not.  But you could end up making a pretty decent amount.

Unconventionally Beautiful:  the very famous skull of Sue the T-Rex at Chicago's Field Museum

"Buried Treasure", the latest addition to the Addovolt Explorations short documentary series is right HERE.  Thank you, Kristina Betz, for doing the narration!

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