Thursday, February 25, 2010

"IshootRockstars: a look inside"

Addovolt Productions and Arrow Five One present "IshootRockstars: a look inside", a short documentary exploring the brilliantly creative Chicago studio led by photographer Kyle LaMere and makeup artist Elizabeth Neish.

all photography by Kyle LaMere

video by Derek Quint.
In this project:hair--Amber Morrow

sets/costumes/stylizations--David Beaupre, Christopher Provyn, Threadcount LLC.

music--"Radio 91" and "I See You Everywhere" by David Doiel

Special Thanks to: David Beaupre, Emmi Chen, David Doiel, Jason Ewers, Sharon Kung, Angie Ma, Angela McAdrian, Amber Morrow, Poison Love, Eliza Rickman, Traci Snowe, Threadcount LLC.Addovolt Productions and Arrow Five One Media, Chicago.

Watch the documentary HERE.

As usual, feel free to rate and comment.  This documentary premiered online in February 2010.

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