Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Spirits of Detroit" so far

[UPDATED 08-05-12]

The documentary "Spirits of Detroit" is going well but there's a lot left to tackle for it.

I have to do A TON of visual concepts and segments to get to still which is why I'll be spending the remainder of this summer and the first parts of fall shooting scenes and more scenes and more scenes for this particular film.

"SOD" is a very traditional ghost documentary a la "Unsolved Mysteries", History Channel material, Biography Channel material, etc.  You get the picture.  It focuses strictly on the paranormal and mythic traditions within Detroit--legends and stories that are rich, plentiful, and distinctively weird.  I was not lacking material to explore.

What this project will NOT be focusing on are the socioeconomic conditions that are truly haunting Detroit.  Of course the history of Detroit is touched upon and, inevitably, the downfall of this once-great US city is explored to a moderate degree within my documentary.  There's no way to avoid that no matter what the main subject may be.  

The vast and devastating decay of the city requires complete dedication to that subject.  There is a new documentary coming out (it's in film festivals now) called "Detropia" (the link to it is HERE) which looks stunning.  I can't wait to see it.  This is a documentary that you need to see if you're an American, you know history, and you care about society and economy.  This is the meat and potatoes.

For people who study Detroit and everything that goes along with it, "The Spirits of Detroit" is a slice of cheesecake on the side.  That's what it's meant to be.

It's one of those projects where other projects have been cutting in front of it in line (like a dorky kid in the school lunch hall) over and over again.  Maybe "SOD" is going to get fed up with that treatment so we'd better watch out!

Other films (additional short documentaries [some for clients, some not], definitely the music videos, surprise short film projects) have popped up over the last few years that have demanded more immediate attention than "Spirits".  That happens a lot with indie film.  Something gets started, another thing comes up, one project gets neglected, and so on.  But I try to not be like that because I think that filmmakers who do that are flaky.

Ugh.  This documentary has been shooting for years now.  Inarguably, it's time to wrap things up.  "The Spirits of Detroit" will be online for Halloween 2012.

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