Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Rats!

The music video for The Baby Magic's "Rats" is up now for viewing. Click HERE to watch it.
There was ALL SORTS of weird, experimental things that I did on this project.......some of which works well, some of it doesn't work at all, some of it is a "huh?". I used a lot of software, and combinations of software and lighting, etc. in strange ways that maybe I shouldn't have (like a chef in the kitchen who's allowing himself too many liberties) but this song isn't meant to be matched with pretty, fussy imagery.

The Baby Magic allows me to experiment, and try out new things with them, because they themselves are experimental in a lot of ways. That's part of the reason why I love them so much.
This project was very educational in the sense that I learned a lot of what I should and shouldn't do with some things but, overall, I like this project--we were intentionally going for a grungy, earlyish MTV kind of feel for it.

This video screams out "1993!". And, yeah, the song track was taken from a live band practice which gives it extra grit. I was thinking about The Pixies, REM, and Weezer.

The band acting as these characters are fantastic.

This project was a technical painting class--a crash course; some things worked, some not so much. You name it, I fucked with it (motion, frame width, color, contrast) sometimes successfully sometime irrepairably/regretably. Just to do "what if....". But, overall, a decent little indie rock video thanks to the ingenuity of a very imaginative Chicago band.

"Rats!" premiered online in September 2010.

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