Saturday, January 20, 2018

company policies

These days, it's difficult to escape politics.  Lines have been drawn in the sand and everybody asks everyone else questions on record.  I'm tired of it too (I think that I can hear your eyes rolling just reading this page and mine were rolling while I was writing it so I can completely sympathize).

Projects created by Addovolt Productions often explore the darker corners of human experience and imagination.  The types of films that we make--the ideas that we explore (dreams, realities, and nightmares, essentially)--exist on their own wavelength.  The ways in which we operate, as creators and craftspeople, exist on a separate, very different, wavelength.

Addovolt Productions is my company and I work very hard to keep things running.  I love clear, straightforward approaches and I'm comfortable with making statements. 

My life, my work, and my company is one big non-partisan safe spaceThat will never change.

I draw my own lines in the sand and I'm not particularly interested in following contours appointed by others.

What I, and my work, stand for:

-savage individualism

-absolute equality, inclusion, and diversity from A to Z

-total empowerment for all children, women, and men and those who reject gender binaries


-unexclusive humor and satire


-civil, challenging, and nuanced discussions and debates





-forward progression

What I do not and will not support:

-groupthink and mob behaviors


-groveling or ring-kissing

-"cancel" culture



-harassment or abuse of any kind


-fear, intolerance, or cruelty towards those of other races, philosophies, political beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, and/or religions

I don't think that I could be any more direct than that.  Questions, comments, concerns?  Contact me.

--Derek Quint

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