Saturday, March 24, 2018

Addovolt Explorations: Galactic

the super-sized telescope at Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin

This addition to Addovolt Explorations is for history nerds and space cadets.

The newest video, "Galactic", is right HERE

the trippy, vintage Atwood Sphere in Chicago

narrator Michael Moody outside of the Yerkes Observatory

Narrated by actor Michael Moody, we explore a little bit about how the first journeys away from Earth weren't quick, cheap, or easy.

a beautifully designed way to star-gaze at Adler Planetarium  

And there are some other Addovolt Explorations HERE if you're feeling ambitious.  Addovolt Explorations is a series of quick, casual mini-documentaries focusing on creators, locations, science, and history.

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