Thursday, January 31, 2019

Addovolt Explorations "A Murky Path Down Archer Avenue" short documentary

The short documentary, "Murky Path Down Archer Avenue", has been uploaded.  This project--an addition to the Addovolt Explorations short documentary series--is a 13-minute long film exploring the very creepy folklore relating to Chicago's infamously haunted street.

And here is the video on YouTube:

Very Special Thanks to Michael Marius Massett for doing narration and music compositions.  And, also, Very Special Thanks to Andre Almaraz for the pitch-perfect original pipe organ main theme music used in variations throughout the film.  Some old music, some new music, some classical and rock and synthpop…..   Lots of good stuff.  After premiering online February 1st, 2019 through Paranormal Globe, "A Murky Path..." has been featured on  Paranormal Daily News, Creepy Americana, Haunt Jaunts, and Fun Size Horror among other publications.

This was a cold shoot and there was plenty of nature involved (expected and unexpected).  No one got pneumonia so that's always a plus.

More still images are below; all pics are via Addovolt Productions.

different poster image (charming)

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