Friday, May 31, 2019

Addovolt Explorations: Resonance

As with the other Addovolt Explorations, we're taking a fast dive into different facets of culture and history.  For this video, we'll settle into 2 different time periods simultaneously:  Ancient Greece and today's America.

This newest video--a composite of archival movies and custom footage--is HERE on YouTube.  Going through free-use old films is always fascinating; there's plenty to learn and they give me ideas for how to approach upcoming projects.

Even though Athena's temples have been gone for quite a long time now, the tales and tactics of the Hellenic world still seep into the present, retaining a totally unique staying power.  That specific legacy has broken through borders, thoroughly embedding itself, bit by bit, in popular entertainment, kitsch, high art, politics, architecture, and language.

The past never completely vanished.

Perhaps Olympus has managed to stay up and running--on a more subdued, quiet basis--through all of these centuries?

Very Special Thanks to Eva Karakostas for narrating this project.

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