Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Four In Chicago" collaborative film project

Four independent Chicago filmmakers. Four different stories about love.

"Four In Chicago", a collaborative omnibus film project created and conceptualized by Kyle Romaneck, premiered online in November 2011.

Click on the titles to watch and read about each film within the "Four In Chicago" project:

* "On The Lips" written and directed by Peter Kallstrom
VĂ©ronique is a French photographer who has recently immigrated to Chicago with her lover, Olivier. Caught between adapting to life in a new city and her overactive imagination, their true intimacy is revealed when the events of an afternoon cause the lines between reality and fantasy to become irrevocably blurred.

* "Miriam Syndrome" written and directed by Lauren Hearter
When professional counseling and pills galore simply aren't enough, Miriam Weems decides to take a stronger initiative.....

* "Forgive Me, Bianca" written and directed by Derek Quint
An old, dead relationship goes from wrong to worse when a fashion designer rediscovers a very sinister gift certificate.

* "Wonderboy" written and directed by Kyle Romaneck
A young man masquerades as a famous artist in order to impress an aspiring journalist.

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