Monday, August 24, 2015

The Baby Magic "Huts" music video

The American Dream gets a bit murky in "Huts", a new music video from The Baby Magic.

The video is right HERE on Youtube.

The press release for this project is HERE.

Get more of The Baby Magic on their Bandcamp page (which links to their Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.).

All the collaborations between Addovolt Productions and The Baby Magic are collected HERE.

The "Huts" music video was shot and edited by Derek Quint.  This project premiered online August 24th, 2015 and has been featured on Punk Globe, Radio One Chicago, The Deli Magazine, After Ellen, and Diamond Deposits among other journals.

Most of the concepts/narrative crumbs were thought up by Mary Beth, the lead singer, since she wanted to explore differences in personal identity and intent through the video for this song.

I see "Huts" as being a giddy (and devilishly catchy) song about modern American anxiety--a sharp, self-contained rock contradiction that clocks in under 3 minutes.  It was a pleasure working with the band to create a hilarious/disturbing visual collage illustrating contemporary neurosis with dashes of 1950's idealism gone off the rails.

The Baby Magic lets me get away with being ridiculous in my own ways (which is one of the reasons I adore them).  I actually prefer pre-worn, slightly aged visuals for a lot of my projects--to remove them from specific time and location--and I spend a lot of effort making sure that my projects aren't too pretty too look at, not too crystal clear, or hi-HD.  I've always loved the 16 mm film aesthetic, a sort of retro Canadian Public Access Channel kind of look.  Rather than create immediacy and "bring you into the screen", for a lot of my projects, I want there to be a dream-like haze, a scrim, that subtly disconnects the viewer from what's happening in front of them.  I don't want viewers to get too comfortable and I like to create a bit of distance.  Sometimes people don't understand why I do this to some projects but oh well, oh well.

With the "Huts" video, we were asking:  How does a person today spend their waking hours?  What worries them, what turns them on, what wears them down?  What do they fantasize about and how do they toy with self-destruction?

The Baby Magic--brilliant, original, gutsy, talented--know that humor and candor are perfect lenses through which to view these themes.

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