Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh, The Things That People Say....

.....or the things that they write, rather.

I'm cleaning up this blog over the next couple of weeks.

Cleaning it up!

I'll be deleting some old (....dumb, regrettable....) posts that I've written on here and revising the main pages of certain Addovolt films.

Do you ever look back on some of the old things that you've written way back when and think to yourself:  "Good Lord!!  What was I thinking!?  Why would I ever write and share something like this!?"

Well, I sure have.  A lot lately.


We've got some interesting new projects coming up within the next couple of years (that we need to promote) and we really need to be putting our best foot forward in a lot of ways....

You know what I mean?

Basically, we need to polish our shoes and tuck in our shirts around here.  Not to be a pain in the ass or anything (Addovolt is pretty punk rock, it always will be, let's face it, who are we kidding?) but.....we need to make a more determined effort to be a bit more held-together.

Well, as much as we can stomach.

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