Friday, July 27, 2018

Addovolt Explorations: micro manor

minimalism is for chumps:  one of the largest of the small rooms in Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle

Let's lighten up a little bit, alright?

Another Addovolt Exploration has emerged out of the ether (not really) and this one takes us for a visit to the world's most elaborate dollhouse (probably?).  A wild piece of creative indulgence, dreamed up by a 1920's cinema icon, is housed in a side room within Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.  Our video about it is right HERE

big star:  Ms. Moore spares no expense (archival photograph)

Special Thanks to Lauren Hearter for doing the narration for this quick doc.

a feat unto itself:  the Museum of Science and Industry, near the University of Chicago, utilizes one of the original buildings from the notorious World's Columbian Exposition, aka the White City, from 1893 

Even wrapping my mind around the idea of doing the kind of tiny detail work featured in/on the Fairy Castle gives me a headache but it sure is incredible to look at.  Check it out when you get a chance.  The Museum of Science and Industry is open every day, year-round, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

don't call it a comeback:  a poster from a recent screening at the Music Box Theater proves that Colleen Moore is still relevant and continues to sell tickets

The other Addovolt Explorations are HERE

Yes, the Fairy Castle is a feast for the eyes but I would also recommend watching some of Colleen Moore's films.  You can find material online (on YouTube, for example).  Sometimes old movies don't always hold their narrative appeal (comedy, especially, can age strangely) but Colleen Moore's talent is timeless, she's very funny, and it's clear why she was one of the greatest--and most celebrated--artists of her era.  It's easy to imagine that she would be an award-winning comedian today, too, if her birthdate had been different.   Google her and see for yourself.  Colleen Moore was (is!) unique, badass, and truly exceptional.

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